The North West Cambridge Development is ambitious in scale and motivated by a genuine vision to create a mixed use, sustainable and diverse community with residential housing, academic and research facilities, local centre and public amenities, as well as open green spaces. The heart of the scheme, which focuses on quality of design and urban planning, provides community facilities and social infrastructure that will create a rich social mix of uses and not only expand the University, but provide a remarkable new destination and community extension to Cambridge.

A Public Art Strategy has been developed to enhance the aspirations for the Development and to deliver an art programme, which helps generate a pride in the area, increase a sense of ownership, contribute to quality of life and provide benefit to existing and future residents and those who will use the site. The public art programme, encompasses major landmark commissions, temporary events, on site artists in residencies and community engagement activities, and is designed to respond to the site, surroundings, and the city. Community engagement is integral to the success of the Public Art and the strategy ensures that this continues through all phases of the development whilst establishing innovative cultural connections and a unique character and identity for North West Cambridge.

This website is for audiences to be able to explore the public art programme as it develops, to engage with artists' work at a range of levels and participate in the rich variety of activities that will be generated through the North West Cambridge Development's focus on the arts and creativity.

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Land Economy

Aid & Abet

April 2014 to March 2015

Sustainable Development

Fernando GarcĂ­a-Dory

April 2014 to March 2015

University of Cambridge Museums

Bedwyr Williams

April 2014 to March 2015